Saturday, March 15, 2014

Datanerith Entry 4: Hunger Strikes

So I noticed that my dwarves were starting to run out of food. How did I notice that, you might ask? They stopped working entirely and started eating rats.

A bond formed between Ral and a kitten, though, which is nice.

OK, so, hunger kinda snuck up on me there. That's kind of a problem. I just now got my plump helmet farm up and running, and it may be a while before it bears fruit. And by fruit I mean mushrooms. I've actually been pretty irresponsible about food. On embark I did prepare adequately; I've got three or four hens to lay eggs, a bunch of plump helmet seeds, and I even brought a camel and a yak to slaughter when things got hairy. I waited pretty long to get my farm started, though, and I haven't even put the hens to pasture yet, let alone build them some nest boxes to lay eggs in.

As a quick stopgap, I immediately ordered the building of a kitchen and butchery. A few of my last migrants had some skill in cooking and butchery, so I queued up a couple easy meals and ordered my yak killed. Then I ordered some nest boxes built so we can start collecting eggs. Things are looking close, but barring any more food shortages or unexpected problems, we should be fine.


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