Friday, March 14, 2014

Datanerith Entry 3: The Beginnings of Home

The dingoes wandered away on their own after repeated attempts to cross the river. Lucky me, since my first wave of migrants came shortly afterwards. By then, I had gotten some work done in the fortress.

Click to see a larger picture.

This is my main entrance, on the same z-level as the river. Notice the long hallway; that's the only way to get in or out. I plan on laying down a bunch of traps there, and maybe chaining up some war dogs or building a few sniper's perches or something. Everything I've got right now is pretty temporary; a quick fix until I can get my miners to carve out something nicer. You can see, in the upper left, the dormitory filled with beds, adjacent to an already cramped dining room. Underneath are my stockpiles. Across the hallway from them are my workstations. It's not really fit for a booming industry just yet, but it's enough to build me the beds, tables, mechanisms, and other "start-up" items I need. A sharp eye might notice a barracks and shooting range above the workstations. Two of my unlucky new migrants, who didn't have anything substantial to offer me (I think one of them was a Cheesemaker) named Tirist and Ral, have been drafted volunteered to start training for my first actual militia.

So far, the only stone I've come across is chalk. I did get a little chrysoprase, which was a nice surprise. Well, it was after I actually googled "chrysoprase" and found out that it's a kind of gem. And wouldn't you know it, one of my migrants, Minkot, just happened to be a jeweler! I put her to work right away. I'm usually so focused on getting the fundamentals taken care of that I rarely have anything to offer the first trading caravan that comes, so I'm excited to be able to have some cut gems to trade.

The next level down doesn't have much to share. So far it's nothing but my Hall of the Honored Dead. I very rarely need to build a crypt this early in the game, but I really can't stress enough how quickly poor Endok died.

It should just be called the "Hall of Those Who Died Like A Bitch."

Down below, on the third floor (is it called the negative third floor when you don't build up?), are my farms. The first farm was built almost immediately, but I'm having my miners carve out a whole complex down there. I'd like to get a quern up, and turn the whole floor into a kitchen/brewery/food industry place. Right now it's just a bunch of empty rooms.

Irrigated pond water dumped on stone underground so I can grow mushrooms. Can you imagine the smell??

The first farm is, of course, a plump helmet mushroom farm. I hope the dwarves of Datanerith enjoy mushrooms, because it's soon to be all they eat. Except maybe the occasional alligator steak.

Hahaha, just kidding, Endok.

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