Monday, March 17, 2014

Datanerith Entry 10: New Migrants, New Recruits

Ah, new migrants. Good, good. Unlike last time, where food was starting to be a problem, I've got enough to last. Some fruitful trading, plus good harvest and a rooster who knows how to impregnate some hens, have led to some stocked pantries. So bring on the dwarves! Bring on the -

Wait... how many?


That's twenty-nine migrants. My fortress currently only has twenty. It's got sixteen beds for Armok's sake! OK, so, obviously the old dormitory setting isn't working anymore. And let's be honest, it hasn't been working for the last two migrant waves. I set my miners to carving out new Living Quarters immediately. It's an ambitious project, so it'll take a while. In the meantime, fuck, sleep on the floor or something guys. Twenty-nine, c'mon.

Obviously a bunch are going into the military. Right now my system of "let two idiots follow around a single axe-dwarf while the hunter actually takes care of everything" is working pretty well, but, when the goblins come I'm going to want to be prepared. I've decided I want ten crossbowdwarves, and three melee warriors. And that means... the militia menu.

More forts have fallen due to this screen than all the flooding accidents and tantrum spirals combined.

I'm still not sure why my marksdwarves aren't training in their archery range. They have crossbows. The crossbows are equipped. They have a barracks, and they have an archery range, with plenty of room. Maybe if I check out the ammunition...? Ah, that's it! All the ammo has been forbidden for some reason, and no ammunition has been assigned to the marksdwarves squad. I unforbid and assign. So, we're good now, right?

Oh you lazy bastards.

OK, well, my melee squad is training at least. Tholtig, Vabok, and Vabok. That's not a typo, there's two dwarves named Vabok. The two Vaboks are watching Tholtig show them how to dodge. Good! Dodging is important! Just ask poor retarded Sibrek.


  1. Poor Sibrek, may Armok gently take his beard in hand...