Saturday, March 29, 2014

Datanerith Entry 24: Dwarven Administration and Nobility

We got a bunch of new migrants. I think we've hit some kind of threshold population. Kol Besmarotin, my manager, has been promoted by the dwarves of Datanerith. He is now the mayor, which means, of course, that he's starting to demand nicer stuff.

Here's a nice bed made out of chrysoprase spikes, Kol.

More migrants means more responsibilities. My sheriff has been upgraded to Captain of the Guard. I'm not... quite sure what that means, except that the ex-beekeeper wants a bigger room and better furniture now. It also means that he's the leader of his own squad, the Fort Guards. The Guards of Datanerith are responsible for administering justice, not defending from outside threats. Dwarven Justice comes in two flavors: prison and beatings. My first thought was to keep my Fort Guards unarmed, so that they can just wrestle criminals into submission, but then I'd be afraid of them choking citizens to death. I certainly don't want them wielding anything lethal. I decided to give them all wooden spears. That way they can feel important when they beat people with the fake weapons.

Kind of annoying that they have to share the barracks with the "real" soldiers though.

The mayor has leapt right into his new position, and mandated the construction of crossbows. That's fortunate, since crossbows are one of the chief exports of Datanerith. I have a legendary bowyer pumping them out pretty much nonstop.

The manager (who's also my mayor) isn't validating anything. I go to see why: turns out he was building a section of the wall outside. That's weird, I didn't know he was a mason. As I turn off his masonry, so he can just head back to his office and work, I realize that he's a dwarf of many talents. Hunting, trapping, masonry, potash making, threshing, animal dissecting... he's even good with a mace. Something kinda weird about that, but whatever. I ask him to please return to his work managing orders. I might get a new dwarf to serve as manager, if the mayor thinks he's too high and mighty for that.

This screen is seriously soooooo much easier to use. 

My cook, now legendary, has made 939 prepared meals in his employment at Datanerith. I order him to start making lavish meals. The laborers and soldiers of Datanerith work hard, damnit, and it's about time they feast appropriately! Plus I'm pretty sure that my highfalutin nobles are gonna start bitching that they're not eating the gourmet shit every day.


  1. " I realize that he's a man of many talents." ಠ_ಠ

    1. A DWARF of many talents! I shall fix that with great haste