Sunday, March 30, 2014

Datanerith Entry 26: Renovations

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I've put a lot of work into the outside of the fortress. I built some walls leading outward, and a bunch more up against the stone wall where I'd carved away at the slopes. Building a wall there wasn't strictly necessary - carving the slopes is functionally identical - but I like the uniform look. I channeled a moat from the river to the far wall, closing in my fortress. The only way in is over the bridge, which I'd like to attach to a lever to retract during a threat. I may build a walled outpost there.

My crocodile isn't in the moat; I was worried that the river was too big for one crocodile to properly guard. If I had a whole bunch of them, sure. Instead, though, I found another home from him. There are three small lakes that I had used to irrigate my underground farms; an enterprising goblin thief might find his way into my fort through my irrigation shafts. So I dug out a hole over the shafts, combining all three small lakes into a single Crocodile-infested deathtrap.

There it is, the green "C" in the water. Surrounded by blood.

I've figured out how to make soap. I made ash in a wood furnace, which I then made into lye at an ashery. A Soap Maker by the name of Edzul did the rest, combining the lye with some animal fat from the butchery to make into soap. Now my hospital has soap! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I've never, ever made soap before. 

The problem with the Weremongoose, I've decided, was something that's been bugging me for a while: the wells. I've got three wells in Datanerith, all strewn about in random places outside. All but one of the wells, which was located over the blood-infested waters of my Crocodile Pond, were outside the walls. So when the Weremongoose attacked, Fath and Mistem were too far away from civilization to even escape properly. I tore my existing wells down, and got to work on building new ones, inside. These wells are all in one room, close to my dining room. They draw water from a vast underground lake, instead of the dirty and dangerous ponds outside.

Convenient for those weirdo dwarfs who like nonalcoholic beverages with their meals.

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