Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Datanerith Entry 20: A Deadly Lack of Fluids

Bomrek is completely naked at this point. She'll stay in a room and blather on to nobody in particular, then abruptly break into a run into another chamber to drool and string some random words together. She liked to hang out by the quern in the Agriculture Quarter for some reason. This system seemed to be working pretty well for her until she died of thirst. I guess she was so busy being crazy that she just forgot to... drink.

Well, that's another casket to build. Just when I was starting to think that "Hall of Those Who Died Like a Bitch" was too harsh.

I received a message that Kubuk Onamas, a thresher who I've been using to mill cave wheat into flour, has been missing for a week. That means he's probably dead, which means he may have been murdered. Shit. OK. So I guess it's time for me to set up a Justice System now. I look to my dwarves: there's a carpenter named Goden who's been out of work for a while. She's assertive and doesn't like to compromise. And, thank Armok, is slow to anger. Sheriff Goden, you're on the job.

Well that didn't take long you fucking prima donna.

I'm taken Solon Beridos, the Mace Lord, out of the militia squad he was in, and drafted some sorry bastard in to replace him. Solon is due for a more important part of dwarven politics, I think. I've made him the commander of his own squad, so he can be mobilized by himself at a moment's notice, and have installed him as the Hammerer of Datanerith. The Hammerer is the executioner of the fortress. Usually the Sheriff handles matters of justice, including beatings if need be, but the Hammerer gets involved for serious crimes when beatings or jail time just aren't strong enough of a punishment. If we do have a murderer running around Datanerith, Goden may need the help.

While I was messing around in the Living Quarter, setting up my two new nobles with some offices and private dining rooms, I found Kubuk's dead body. In his bed. Completely drained of blood. So not only has Kubuk's disappearance been officially upgraded into "Unsolved Murder," it's pretty clear that Datanerith has a vampire in its midst. Any one of its 72 dwarves could be secretly be a creature of the night, killing and drinking the blood of the innocent. 

Something tells me this is going to fill up quickly.

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