Sunday, March 23, 2014

Datanerith Entry 17: Snake Puncher

Solon the Mace Lord went to get a drink from the well outside, and a rattlesnake that'd been scaring some of the dwarves attacked him. So he punched it to death. He grabbed the rattlesnake by its fucking fang and then punched it and scratched it with his fingernails until it died. That's not hyperbole on my part in any way. That is literally exactly what happened.

More to the point: can anyone explain how a rattlesnake can stand up?

That story doesn't tie into anything else, I just... I had to tell someone. Solon is quickly becoming my favorite dwarf.

I carved out a section with some small rooms at the bottom of the Martial Quarter, and outfitted one of them with my last rope. These are my jail cells. My fort's getting pretty big, and it's about time that I put a little thought into the justice system. Just something for the horizon. Not that I foresee any problems coming up anytime too soon. Bomrek.

Ah! The dwarven merchants of Kastolvutok have returned! We're still gonna be doing our trading by my garbage, but at least this time I'll actually have some stuff to trade. Thank Armok. These guys are just in time to prevent a minor catastrophe. Please have metal please have metal please have metal please have metal


The outpost liaison, a thin dwarf by the name of Mosus Eshtansanad, came with the merchants and wanted to speak with the highest ranking dwarf at Datanerith. Ever since Endok died by that alligator, most leadership has fallen to Rakust, the doctor. Rakust was busy setting up his new hospital, though, and was dealing with the responsibilities that came with his new position as Chief Medical Dwarf, so the outpost liaison kinda chased him around for an almost comical length of time before getting to him. Even then, as Mosus blathered on about trade agreements, Rakust just kept working on his hospital.

Or maybe he just wanted all these dwarves to STOP SLEEPING IN HIS HOSPITAL.

Mosus asked us what we'd like to request from next year's caravan. I asked for as much iron as they could bring, because frankly, I'm not sure when (or if) I'll be finding iron of my own. I've got plenty of flux stone for steel (chalk is flux, and it's pretty much all I have!). I asked for some seeds, and some weapons as well, but I'll be able to make the weapons when that iron comes. It's that precious metal I need.

Right Bomrek?

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