Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Datanerith Entry 11: The Joy of Elves

I'm still working on building my Living Quarters into something that can house all these damn dwarves. I've tucked everything away, far from the clanging and hammering of the Industry Quarter so everybody can sleep in peace, and have tried to set it up so I can easily expand it when another huge migrant wave swarms Datanerith. It's still far from done, but here's what I've got so far:

Don't look too closely, people with OCD. I'm not kidding. Once you see the asymmetry you're going to start gnashing your teeth.

I'm pretty lavish with my bedrooms, I know, but I like my dwarves happy. Every dwarf gets a 3x3 room of their own, and each room comes equipped with a bed, trunk, and shelf. In the hallway between the two stairwells I've got ten slightly larger rooms that I'll set aside to use as offices and private dining rooms for the dwarves that make such demands. The large rooms to the right will be for the nobility. I've got a spike-covered bed made out of green gemstone for one of those rooms.

Another kobold stole from me. I'm gonna have to do something about those little fuckers.

Food is still a problem, though. Nobody's starving just yet, but I was barely equipped for the twenty I had, let alone the forty-nine I have now. Unless a wagon stuffed to the brim full of meats, cheese, and fruits comes to Datanerith, we're going to have a problem.

I guess hippies are just as good.

The Elves of Eyidaathe, "enchanted by more ethical works," are here to do some trading! Excellent! The only problem is, all I have is some of that worthless chrysoprase... and the elves will refuse to trade with me at all if I offer them anything made of lumber. They think cutting down trees is unethical. They have so much I could use, and I have nothing to offer in return. 


OK, so hear me out: elves are assholes in this game. Seriously, they're cannibals, and they're insulting, and they'll start wars if you cut down too many trees and don't listen to their mandates. These elves may not have done anything to my fort personally, but still... It's not like they still don't deserve it, right? Well, ok, maybe they don't deserve it, but it's not like it's really ethically wrong to take everything I want from them, right? Well, ok, maybe it is, but you know what? Morally speaking... there's two of them and forty-nine of me.

Goddamn right.

 I've taken all their food and cloth. And a giant scorpion in a cage. Because why not?

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