Sunday, March 23, 2014

Datanerith Entry 16: Creepy Sketches

I've got a hospital now. It's in the section of "Old Datanerith," now the Martial Quarter, where the dormitory and the bookkeeper's office used to be. There's a huge wing of the fort dedicated both to offices and rooms now, though, so the conversion was no big deal. The hospital has everything it could need: cloth, thread, splints, crutches, traction tables, etc. The only thing it's missing is soap. I have no idea how to make soap. Something to do with fat and ash, right? It's not high on my list of priorities. Oh, and my hospital has beds, of course. Which means that some lazy assholes keep sleeping in the hospital.

You've all got individual fucking bedrooms, with furniture, you fucking dorfs! Stop napping in hospital beds!

So Bomrek, the fort's blacksmith, has entered a mood. By now we should know what that means, but there's a twist this time: she's a blacksmith. See, so far with the strange moods, I've gotten pretty lucky. Like, really lucky. Every time somebody enters a mood, they want to make a specific item that they have in mind. That's why every mood so far has ended with some kind of artifact for the fort. The kind of item depends on the skill of the maker. A jeweler made a sculpture of gemstone. A bowyer made an epic crossbow. A blacksmith is going to want to make something out of metal... which I don't have.

I can make a forge easily enough, though. I mean, I have to do something. Bomrek is just standing there creepily in the dining hall, muttering to herself. She's clearly expecting something, and if I disappoint her, she's gonna flip. She might flip out even if I do build the forge. What if I don't have the materials she needs? It's a very real, and dangerous, possibility right now.

So, uh, I'll just... build the forge over here in the Martial Quarter...

Right over there next to Solon the Mace Lord. No reason.

So Bomrek immediately claimed the metalsmith's forge and started making sketches about the sort of thing she wants to build. She's being all weird and creative, though, so I have to figure out what she wants from the sketches. She's drawing: skeletons, a forest, a quarry, stacked cloth, and shining balls of metal. OK... so, I can figure this out. Looks like she wants bone, wood, stone (maybe stone blocks?), cloth, and metal. I've got all that!

Except metal. If I don't get some metal, then we're going to have a serious problem, here.

Oh yeah, that'll solve it. 


  1. Seriously though, i've been playing this game on and off for over 5 years, and I still fuck up the hospital. I mean, how did you do it? I just get injured dwarves, and my doctor just stands around with 'no job' doing sweet fuck all!

    1. Hmmm... did you set up a hospital zone? Hit "i," then create a zone like you're making a stockpile, then type "h" to turn it into the hospital. Then hit "i" again, select the new zone, and hit "H" (the capital is important!) to see and set the Hospital Information. Do you have everything you need? Powder and soap are kinda hard to get, and maybe thread, but much of it (like splints and crutches) can be made at a carpenter's workshop.

      And does your doctor have all his professions open? Diagnosis, Surgery, etc?

  2. Yeah, those are all the rookie mistakes. I'm talking about having everything a hospital needs, (soap included), and still my chief med dwarf is fingering his ass while somebody has a cut open foot in HIS hospital. What a jerk. XD