Thursday, March 27, 2014

Datanerith Entry 21: Dwarven Justice

My Justice System is now up and running. I've got a Sheriff and a jail. All I need now it to find that murderer. Let's look at the case.

Not a whole lot to work with, but I do have a witness. Goden pays a visit to the farmer, Zefon, the dwarf who found Kubuk's body. There's a chance that a conversation with Zefon will lead to some interesting discrepancies; pale skin is a good clue, as are some indicators of an unnaturally long age, like abnormally long lists of relatives, or having more skills than a dwarf ought to. Since vampires don't eat or sleep, any dwarf can be ruled out if he or so has complaints or happy thoughts about beds, dining rooms, meals, etc.

Zefon checks out. Her skin is cinnamon, she was happy with the dining room, and she complained about sleeping without a proper room recently. Instead of smacking her around for ignoring the glorious Living Quarters, Goden asked some questions about Zefon's relatives. Zefon does have a lot of children - including Bomrek, the insane blacksmith - but nothing suspicious or conspicuous.

That's unfortunately it, for now. That was our only lead. The trail has run cold.

The Justice System has plenty on its plate, though. Vabok, a Ranger of Datanerith, has been taken by a fey mood and claimed a craftsdwarfs workshop and started screaming for logs and metal bars. Even after the windfall of the dwarven caravan, I don't have any metal. I do, however, have a bunch of metal toys and instruments. I am no patron of the arts, and I am annoyed by the children of Datanerith, so I order tham all melted down immediately. Hopefully we can get some metal together for Vabok before he gets too upset and needs to be handled by Goden.

Thirty-two meals for our vampire have arrived. Goden's got her work cut out for her.

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