Saturday, March 22, 2014

Datanerith Entry 15: The Mace Lord

Solon Beridos, named Earthcalled by some, is one of my newer dwarves. All of his hair, including his long mustache and beard, is neatly combed. He's got a scratchy voice, a narrow chin, and is described as very fat, but very agile. He's not easily moved to pity and is rarely discouraged. He clicks his tongue constantly when he's trying to remember something.

Solon Earthcalled came to me in the most recent migrant wave. The wave was actually twelve dwarves strong, not seven like I said; I just didn't look that closely when I drafted them into my military. Solon was one of the seven that was drafted. Like all the rest, I never really took a close look at him. Something, though, told me that maybe I should.

Some subtle, barely whispered message.

Well! Apparently I have a bonafide warrior here in Datanerith. And by "warrior," I don't mean someone like Ral, or Stakud, or the two Zuglars. Those guys are pretty hard, yeah, but Solon here is a mace lord. His skill with a mace surpasses... well, anything that Datanerith has ever seen. It is very likely that he will be as effective a fighting force as the rest of my army combined. Maybe more.

Here he is leading a dodging demonstration because of course he is.

I know what you're asking yourself. What has Solon done for the fortress? None of the kills at Datanerith are his! Only Ral and Stakud can make such a claim. Including that goblin, Ral's got four kills, and Stakud's sitting pretty on nine. Solon's spent all his time in the barracks! But! There's a way to see how many kills a dwarf has made in his entire life. Let's take a look at the experience Solon's got under his belt. Let's see how much combat he's seen before he came to Datanerith:


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