Thursday, March 20, 2014

Datanerith Entry 12: The Fortress Gets Militarized

Datanerith's first level, what was once the entirety of the fort, is now dedicated solely to its military. Let's start with the entrance.

I call it "The Underpass." My girlfriend said it looked like an erect throbbing penis... then she mumbled something about patriarchy and walked away.

The Underpass is the only way in or out of the fortress. I have no backdoors or hidden entrances. Anybody attacking - or stealing - from Datanerith will have to make their way through this long tunnel. Notice the small green up-arrows at the top of the tunnel. Those are cage traps. One step on those and a wooden cage immediately imprisons you. That's the most merciful way Datanerith has of dealing with intruders.

Past that is a post; you'll notice there's a "dip" on either side of the hallway for my dwarves to get around it. That's because I've tethered a giant bark scorpion to the post. That's what that yellow "S" is there. Originally I thought about using a war dog, but once that elven caravan so graciously offered me this new pet, how could I resist? I've nicknamed him Vitriol, and he is my second line of defense. Whatever makes it through the cages has to make it through Vitriol.

Then, the Martial Quarter!

Yeah, that's that stupid Raspedink bed made out of chrysoprase spikes. The dwarves just kinda left it there. 

Right after the elves left, seven new migrants arrived. They, of course, went straight into my melee squad before I even learned their names. I've got twenty soldiers, now; ten melee and ten ranged. I've converted my old barracks into an armory, filled with all the weapons and armor that Datanerith can make. The old storehouse has been converted into a new barracks, where you can see all my dwarves training. I plan on building a wall and installing a few beds so they can sleep. Across the hallway is the shooting gallery. It turns out that dwarves need individual "rooms" to shoot at archery targets, and the rooms cannot overlap. So I had my masons built some walls, separating the archery targets into individual lanes. And it worked! My dwarves are practicing with crossbows now!

Did I ever know beauty before this moment?

The old dormitory, which I no longer need now that I have an entire wing dedicated to bedrooms and offices, is empty for now. I plan on taking down the walls separating it from the bookkeepers office - he'll have a much nicer one soon anyway - and converting the room to a proper hospital. Poor Rakust, the doctor, has gone without any decent facilities for several months now. What better place for him to set up shop than the Martial Quarter?


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    1. Oops! Thanks for letting me know! I guess that means we get two posts today, haha. Here's Entry 11. It's got elves!

  2. I like a man who keeps a buffer, t'is smart.
    Anyways, don't take the dick thing personally, it happens A LOT to me in DF.
    My gf keeps pointing it out too... "That looks like a giant dick", "IT'S NOT A GIANT DICK, ANG, IT'S CALLED ARCHITECTURE, GOSH".

    1. I'm just not telling her that my next fortress is going to be a tower. She'll have a field day!