Sunday, March 30, 2014

Datanerith Entry 25: The Weremongoose

A Weremongoose attacks! I mobilize my militia immediately, but not before it gets to Fath the Farmer, who was busy drawing water from the well. He died for that water pretty quickly. The Weremongoose, Len Thedleguki, tore apart his skull and brain with a single blow, then dove into the river. One stupid ass dwarf, a butcher by trade, runs to the corpse of Fath the Farmer. She's carrying her baby! Why is Mistem the Butcher running towards such a dangerous area, clutching her goddamn baby?

Oh. That's, uh... very sad actually.

So Mistem, in her grief, is ignoring the danger to recover the body of her beloved husband. Maybe she doesn't know he's dead? Maybe she thinks she can save him? Len had other ideas. The Weremongoose arose from the river right behind Mistem and tore into the bereaved butcher with several bites, tearing off Mistem's right food and opening at least three arteries. She's still alive by the time the first of my militia arrive. Sarvosh the Speardwarf charges in bravely, wielding a copper spear, and pulls the Weremongoose's attention from the fallen butcher. Sarvesh has been training with the spear, and it shows. She doesn't do much damage to her powerful foe, but she does buy some time.

Then Solon the Hammerer arrives.

This goes on for a while.

Solon absolutely destroys the Weremongoose, smashing it over and over with his new steel mace. He takes no damage in turn. The Weremongoose, suffering broken limbs and shattered ribs, turns back into a human. The game classifies the human as "Friendly" instead of "Hostile." But, remember Fath and Mistem, I waste no time in having my soldiers kill the fuck out of the "friendly" human woman. Frustratingly, she manages to escape in the confusion.

Mistem dies of her wounds before the dwarves can take her to the hospital.

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