Friday, March 28, 2014

Datanerith Entry 22: The Carnal Heat

We melted our toys just in time. Vabok has begun a mysterious construction. A bunch of bards and children are probably crying about it too, but as long as they do so while hauling stone for my masons to build the walls outside, I'm fine with that.

Half of the new migrants were made into hunters. I've got a legendary bowyer, Tirist, pumping out high quality weapons on a regular basis, and frankly, I like the idea of having the hillsides of Datanerith swarming with hunters. Two of them in particular, Inod and Kumil, came very well skilled as marksdwarves. The fortress now has eleven rangers, almost a tenth of its total population, patrolling the area. And, of course, providing the fortress with tasty, tasty dingo meat!

The other half of my dwarves I've made into masons and stone engravers. I'm engraving the walls of important rooms, like the Dining Hall, and the Hall of the Honored Dead. This not only increases the value of these particular areas (which is quite important for something as commonly used as the Dining Hall), but it makes passing dwarves happy. They enjoy seeing the wonderful art created by their sculptor friends.

Who wouldn't be thrilled to eat dinner by a carving of two large roaches entitled "The Carnal Heat?" 

Gross images of humping insects aside, I plan on having all the walls of the Living Quarter engraved one day. Until then, though, I've got my masons outside, building the walls of Datanerith. That'll help with the problems from outside of the fortress. It won't help with the problems from inside, though. We still have a vampire on the loose. Lucky for us that Sheriff Goden's on the job!


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