Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Datanerith Entry 36: The Final Artifact

One of my masons, Dobar, did not want his last moments to be spent cowering in fear. He wanted to accomplish something before he died. He's no soldier, so he had no intention of grabbing a weapon; his lot in life was art. As the sounds of battle and the screams of death surrounded him, Dobar rushed to a craftsdwarfs workshop in the Industry Quarter. The entire elven army was in the Living Quarters, which bought him some time. Taken by a fey mood, Dobar quickly labored to create his artifact. With bone, chalk, leather, and lead, Dobar created a figurine of his favorite citizen of Datanerith: Mistem the Cook.

Those dwarves really liked those biscuits.

On the item is an image of dwarves laboring; a celebration of the foundation of Datanerith, or Ironlabors in the common tongue, by the Excavated Boulders. Home to legendary warriors, jewelers, bowyers, sculpturs, and cooks. Dobar was the last dwarf to survive. This tiny figurine was the final creation of Datanerith.

Once the elves had finished the massacre downstairs, they marched up to the Industry Quarter, dragged Dobar out of his workshop, and killed him.


Thus marks the end of Datanerith.

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