Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Datanerith Entry 37: Surveying the Ruins

Using the program Overseer, I managed to get some 3D rendered shots of Datanerith. I apologize that there are so few; I hadn't built my fortress with a 3D view in mind, so most of the interior is pretty much impossible to make out with Overseer. There isn't much to see there, anyway, that you haven't already seen from previous posts. Furthermore, my fortress is actually pretty boring, visually. Aside from the walls, there wasn't much I built to look at.

Here's my entrance:

It doesn't look like a throbbing cock from this angle at all!

Since Overseer doesn't render furniture, you can't see the bridge. You can see the road, though - that's why the ground past the moat isn't green. Note the two archery towers flanking the entrance. Overseer also doesn't seem to differentiate between walls and fortifications, either, which is a shame; the walls at the top of those towers had been designed for dwarves to shoot from. There should be crenelations, which look like this.

I took some shots of the inside of the fortress, but it was too big and empty to make anything out. All you'd be able to see was grass, palm trees, and the occasional wall in the distance. Even the Underpass was boring, visually. Here are some aerial shots though:

This isn't my best picture of the fortress (that one's next), but I like the way this one shows off change in elevation in the back. You can see how Datanerith sat at the bottom of a large hill, and how I sort of carved away the slopes to make room for my construction. You can make out the farms near the top of the fort there, those four squares, and my unfinished roads leading from the entrance into the Underpass and the trade depot. This shot's my favorite:

Don't forget to click it for a larger view!

I think I'll make my next fortress a little more varied from the outside. Maybe taller, and less wide. Anyway, I hope you guys liked reading about Datanerith! 

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