Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stesokur Entry 4: Cultivation Problems

Alright, so, remember the part where it was periodically raining blood?

Get it? Periodically? Get it??

That's contributed to somewhat of a food shortage. I mean, not directly. It's not like the bloody rain is destroying my food stockpiles or anything. And I still have my mushroom farms. But I'm at my second wave of migrants right now, and they're starting to eat up all the plump helmets that I've grown. Datanerith was in a rich field full of game, abutted by a river full of fish. My animals could be put out to feed on the vast, lush, green pastures. The grass is all soaked with blood, here, and Stesokur has those weird peach-faced lovebird things, and the occasional monster called a "louse man," which I guess is some kind of combination of lice and people? Yikes. I'm glad this game has such shitty graphics. Anyway, I give a couple of my dwarves some crossbows and tell them to go hunting anyway - hopefully we can eat all of this stuff. And, of course, I've got my standard go-to solution for hunger problems:

I'm super excited that cat had a litter of kittens! Because we're hungry.

We had a merchant caravan come in, too. The dwarves of Subetenolral wanted to trade, but quite frankly, Stesokur is really behind in its manufacturing. I think it's because I'm getting fancy with the tower thing. I didn't have much to offer - some training weapons and lumber - but I managed to get some food and booze out of it.

Lastly, one of the old ponds in the surrounding area, that I had drained in order to fill up my cistern, seemed like a good place to put my chickens and geese. That way they were still on grass (do they need to graze? I imagine they do, right?), and I could build a roof over top of them so the blood wouldn't rain down on my little egg factories.

Get it??

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