Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Datanerith Entry 28: J'accuse!

There's been a new murder. This one was Monom Feshilbash, one of the cooks of Datanerith. Not my legendary cook, thank Armok, but still. And this time, there was a witness! Not just one who saw the body. Kol Besmarotin, the mayor, has accused Vabok, a Marksdwarf. Small loss to the militia, I guess, but there ain't much I can do about that.

I never know what to do with new migrants, anyway.

Kinda weird that the high and mighty mayor was hanging out with a cook, though. Vabok's been complaining about water and sleeping lately, too, so she doesn't seem like a vampire. Vampires don't eat, drink, or sleep. But, a witness is a witness! It's the first lead we've had in... ever, really. Plus, it's about as cut and dry as can be. Kol actually saw the murder. So I convict Vabok Asteshittas for the murder of Monom Feshlibash. Her sentence: death by 50 Hammerstrikes from Solon Beridos.

I came across a bug here, by the way. Solon Beridos wouldn't do his duty. I kept getting reports saying "Solon Beridos, Hammerer, Cancels Execute Criminal: No Weapon For Execution." Now, obviously, he had a weapon. He had a mace. Equipped. I thought that maybe the Hammerer needed a legit warhammer, but I've got a few of those lying around, too. I didn't know the problem. Turns out, according to this bug report, you'll get that problem if your Hammerer is in the military. So I removed Solon from the military, and things went just fine.

It's his first execution! Justice is served, and the vampire menace is finally over!

Wait, what?

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