Thursday, April 3, 2014

Datanerith Entry 31: Ware, the Calamity of Datanerith

My dwarves have dug too deep. They've stumbled upon a massive underground cavern, a hundred times bigger than Datanerith will ever be. Despite the occasional Troll and Gorlak, it's actually been quite a boon. I've got access to a massive pool of cool, clean water, and the giant mushrooms that grow are actually usable as a source of lumber, like trees. But I have awakened something terrible. A Forgotten Beast has come. It is called.... Ware.

Lord of the Rings may have a towering demon of smoke and flame, but Datanerith has a... beakless chickadee. That "undulates rhythmically. "

Since Ware came from underneath my fortress, my usual defensive procedure - have the civilians hide in the Living Quarters while the military arms themselves at the bottom of the Underpass - was no good. In fact, since Ware could fly, it had absolutely no problem reaching my Living Quarters and Industry Quarter and turning them into a slaughterhouse. A lot of good, innocent dwarves died before the military arrived. It did die, though, after some fierce fighting, by the hands of a speardwarf named Asob. Ware took several dwarves down with it in combat, the details of which are quite gruesome. It rotted them alive.

Zuglar's still alive at this point.

The carnage didn't stop after the fighting was done. A foul miasma stank the fortress up for days. Ware left a trail of vapor through most of the fort, that infected even civilians and children. The poisonous vapors of Ware continued to infect many more dwarves, and most of those who were corrupted - combatants or not - did not survive. My entire melee squad - literally, every single one of them - died of their wounds. Most of the deaths were because their rotten bodies no longer functioned properly. They suffocated to death in their useless bodies.

At least Tirist is doing all right through this whole tragedy.

Over thirty dwarves lost their lives to the Forgotten Beast.


  1. Oh man, that is one BRUTAL chickadee! XD

    1. No kidding. Imagine if it actually HAD a beak!