Friday, May 16, 2014

Stesokur Entry 18: The Drop

So I've got a problem. Well, not really a problem. Not, like, starvation or a storm of violent tantrums or even an elven army knocking at the door. No, the current issue on my action-item list is what to do with all my prisoners

I need to capture one of them Olms, so I can start spelling out words. Like "KNOB" or "BONG."

Right now they're all just kinda shoved in the back of the slums, which I guess is the correct place to put a horde of unwanted creatures. But that's no fun! I should at least build like... a zoo or something. Or an arena! That's actually a great project to keep in mind. An arena to let my soldier dwarves practice their skills on live opponents. Or I could use it to answer the age-old question: who would win in a fight between a naked mole rat and a boar man?

An arena's a big undertaking, though. I'd need to get it just right, and that'll take a lot of time and resources. That's a project for another day. I want to do something with these prisoners today.

Like with most of my playing style, I decide to take a page out of Captnduck's playbook. If you want to learn how to play Dwarf Fortress, I can't recommend his videos strongly enough. If you've never seen them, they're entertaining to watch, anyways. He's got a couple Dwarf Fortress Let's Plays. I learned all of the basics (and some advanced things!) from his 2010 series. It was from his videos that I learned about The Drop.

The Drop is a small, thin tower, about 20 Z-Levels tall. At the top of it is a small floor with a hole in the middle. All-in-all, The Drop took about as much stone and time as building the walls of a single floor of Stesokur Tower. Easy cheesy. At the top of The Drop, I've placed the cages of enemies I want to... well, y'know. Drop.

Careful! It's already slick with goblin blood.

That center hole I've designated as a Pit/Pond with i > p. Then I hit (that's capital P; yes, it matters!) to designate individual goblins to be thrown into the pit. One of those cages I've got up there holds Stosbub Kutsmobarstruk, Goblin Thief. I make sure to select Stosbub from the menu that pops up when I mouseover the pit and hit P. And then a dwarf comes up The Drop, opens the cage, and tosses Stosbub down the hole. And down he goes, two-hundred feet, splat! 

Where will all these bodies end up, you might ask? Aren't I worried about the possibility of one of my dwarves being struck by plummeting goblins? Oh, I planned for that.

I've built The Drop over an empty pond, a leftover relic from building my reservoir. I made sure to carve away any slopes leading upwards, and built a wooden ceiling over it so there wasn't any way out. Only a single hole, directly below The Drop, remains to allow any sunlight in. And, of course, falling goblins. I made sure to pave the entire area with granite so there was no chance the muddy ground could break their fall.

Now the only things that can break their fall are the corpses of their friends and families!

And, because I am apparently some type of psychopath, I spend the rest of the evening hurling goblins to their death.

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