Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stesokur Entry 15: The Wall

Like Datanerith, I have decided to make a wall surrounding Stesokur.

I'm pretty sure there's no secret back entrance for the elves to exploit this time. I mean, I hope.

Look at that bad boy. Seriously, fucking click that shit. So large it ain't even covered in the picture. The Wall is two layers of stone deep - twice the strength of the tower itself - and, so far, two  Z-Levels tall. I might go for three tall, because why not? It connects to the mountainside north and south of Stesokur Tower, and I made certain that there's no way any damn elves are gonna sneak in the service entrance. How can I be so sure, you say?

"Everything's already covered in blood." - A common saying in Stesokur

This is the mountaintop above the wall. Remember, the elves took advantage of a hidden slope that I had missed, like a goat path or something, and then literally walked along the top of the walls, and down the stairs into the heart of my last fortress. This time, though, I built a wall - again, twice as strong as necessary - literally cutting off any foot traffic to the top of the wall. Even if the elves found a way onto the level behind my wall, they wouldn't be able to find a way down.

Which means that there is literally one way into my fortress:

Maybe I should just name this area "The Zoo"?

Those green symbols, pointing upwards? Those are cage traps. A small army could be trapped in those motherfuckers. I've got more, lining the entrance into Stesokur Tower itself, but so far I haven't seen anything get by these traps. I can't wait to piss off some elves!


  1. Let's hope the elves don't come as an army this time, or riding unicorns. Those motherfuckers GORE

    1. As long as I'm not swarmed by a couple hundred of them again, I think I should be fine haha