Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stesokur Entry 17: The First Ambush

Our first ambush! Finally, a chance to test the defenses of the fortress. A small army of goblins, sick of sending thieves and snatchers out to Stesokur, have finally mustered the courage to try me in a test of arms. Unfortunately, poor Kumil did not live long enough to see combat against the goblins, but the Blockaded Slaughters have been waiting for such an event! Led by Iton Sholidunib, one of the first seven, the melee squad has been training non-stop for such an event.

Yeah, they killed that cat. Pity, too; my dwarves were gonna eat it.

Seven goblins came from the south. Five wielded whips, and two of them carried spears. Were they at all discouraged by the fact that they literally had to wade through ankle-high pools of goblin blood to assault Stesokur Tower? If so, they swallowed their fear like champs! After killing my little kitten there, they stormed the entrance of Stesokur like it ain't no thing that their kins' blood was falling from the sky. 

My dwarves stood ready. All of my melee squad trained at the foot of the tower, so it was an easy thing to have them mobilized right outside of the tower. Nothing would get by without facing their axes and hammers!

Nothing would get by at all, actually.

Oh. Looks like none of the goblins made it past my traps. Well, shit. Looks like the biggest challenge of these goblin ambushes is figuring out what to do with all my prisoners!

I stuff them away in some cells in the basement for the time being. I'll think of something to do with them later. Good to know that my defenses work at least! I think I'll put some more cages around, though, in case of a larger siege.

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